The first level of the customer funnel. Awareness.

Last time, we figured out how to map out the sales funnel. This time we will figure out how to fill it.

The highest level of the marketing funnel is awareness (awareness of how many people have heard about your brand, product/service/app).

Objective: To indirectly engage potential customers and build awareness of your products and services.
Tactics: educating content and viral content (this is the most difficult to create and run in a created community to trigger a virus effect)
The challenge is to ensure that your audience not only remembers your brand but also the brand is interesting for your audience. People should start looking for information about your products. And you need to reach their list of trusted brands.
So inbound marketing creates an incoming stream of potential customers in the marketing funnel. It is very important to meet the expectations of the audience – to know what they want and are looking for. And the main thing is to give it to the audience. It is important to use all factors – emotional (UX, massage & design), logical (channel, content).
If you manage to awaken the trust and respect of the client, the conversion to purchase immediately increases by 40%.

Content types that work 100%

  • Blog posts
  • Webinars
  • Free programs, games, tips
  • Detailed guides
  • Email newsletter
  • Video

The secret is simple: every post, video, seminar, etc. should not promote itself and its product, but in order to really become useful to the audience.
The rest does promotion, where the budget always matters.