Boutique full-service marketing agency

Berg Digital is a family-run agency based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our mission is to unlock the power of Web technologies when the client’s business is challenged by aย new market, need to increase sales, create brand awareness or build trust with their customers.

On average, it takes us only two weeks to understand your market situation, propose an action plan and start delivery. Do you want to know how we can achieve this? Get in touch with us now, or keep reading about our services and approach.

Our services

Digital Marketing and Advertising

  • Market research, insights and strategy
  • Internet presence audit
  • Pay-per-click advertising in Google Ads
  • Display ads design and localization
  • Google Analytics setup and reporting
  • Campaigns for EU and Russian markets

Social Media

  • Instagram content production
  • Community formation and management
  • Influencer engagement
  • Newsletters and online surveys
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ads
  • Reputation management and audit

Web Development

  • WordPress websites and landing pages
  • CS-Cart e-commerce solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PHP custom development, code audit
  • Slack, Telegram, CRM integration
  • Technical brokerage, contractors supervision

UX Consulting

  • User journey mapping
  • Customer research and development
  • Usability audit and UX evaluation
  • User interface prototyping and design
  • Heatmap analysis and eye-tracking
  • Persuasive and accessible visual design

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