10 tools to map out a sales funnel

Do you often draw schemes or diagrams or visualize them?
The last time we found out what a customer funnel is and what it is for. This time let’s talk about the visualization of process and tools. Honestly, that is not only about sales funnel processes, but also to describe any business processes.

Mindmeister – allows you to create process maps about anything. If there are many moving parts in a marketing funnel, it organizes ideas. + There is a free version

  • Ready and customizable templates
  • Choose from unique shapes, colors, and fonts
  • Upload your images
  • Cooperate with the team
  • Leave comments
  • Share sales funnel on networks

🌪 Funnelytics.io decides which shapes, colors, and labels best represent the details of the sales funnel. + There is a free version

  • Separate icons for traffic sources, pages, and offline channels
  • Warehouse with free templates
  • Premium templates are modeled after successful companies
  • Share the sales funnel

🌪 Google Drawings is the easiest way to start planning a free sales funnel. You can select shapes, colors, arrows, add text. + Free of charge

  • Teamwork
  • Leave comments
  • Add your own images
  • Add links to additional sections with more information.
  • Share the sales funnel

🌪 Creately – alternative to Microsoft Visio, displays your customer funnel. Famous companies who use it are PayPal, National Geographic and Adobe. + There is a free version

  • Thousands of patterns
  • Enables collaboration
  • Custom themes and colors
  • View the history of all changes
  • Manage and access sketches on your mobile phone
  • Work offline

AWW App is an interactive whiteboard, simple and functional. You can share and work in a team. + There is a free version

  • Registration is not required
  • Touch-friendly (!!!!!)Touch-friendly
  • Image, PDF, and PPT can be downloaded
  • Chat with co-authors
  • Using shortcuts

Lucidchart – for a marketer who has everything in order with the sales funnel display – shows standard shapes, lines, and labels. And it has many integrations. + There is a free version

  • Add links to additional sections with information.
  • Protecting the chart with a password
  • Export of sales funnel
  • Integration with Dropbox, Slack, Amazon Web Services, etc
  • Simple interface
  • Checking spelling errors

🌪 Caccoo is a great alternative to Visio, allowing you to create, store and share charts on the go. A lot of templates. + There is a free version

  • Share and collaborate with the team and clients
  • Viewing the history of changes
  • Export to SVG, PDF, PPT, PostScript, PNG
  • Activity notifications
  • Multiple shapes, lines, colors and objects
  • Leave comments

I don’t like exceptionally the price:

Funnel Flows – if you present a funnel to your customers, this tool ensures that your designs look professional and individual. Simple interface. + There is a free version

  • Special icons for traffic sources, landing pages, sales pages, webinars, order pages and much more.
  • Basic and advanced forms
  • Add links to additional sections with information
  • Upload images
  • Choose very specific colors for your shapes, text and background
  • Added new elements

🤦🏻Sketchfunnels.io – allows you to draw customer funnels instantly by dragging and dropping. There are many options to present a customer funnel as beautiful as possible. + There is a free version

  • Special icons for landing pages, sales pages, order pages, webinars, start pages, partner pages, traffic sources, and subsequent methods
  • You can create templates
  • Resize, add text and drag and drop icons
  • Export thumbnails
  • Share a sales funnel with another member

🤦🏻 Sketchboard.io – for building diagrams in the command. Schematic. + There is a free version

  • Over 400 sketches to choose from
  • Works in real-time
  • You can leave comments
  • Daily backups
  • You can create multiple boards
  • Integrates with Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, HipChat and Flowdock
  • Supports hand-painted drawing