Marketing strategy vision for Bodywell

Understanding situation is a a cloud-based business management software for wellness services (software-as-a-service) founded in 2019. The company provides cloud-based business management software for the wellness services industry. Currently, there is a product with the first few customers and accounts in social media.

The pessimistic scenario: EU & RU markets are likely to occupy 1% of its competitors’ market share, which will amount to $52.5 million of gross revenue in 5 years. Short-term target for the next year – 3,000 paying customers and – $1.26 million gross revenue.

Objective: 0,1% of the pessimistic scenario to be achieved using aggressive promotion strategy.


  • Prepare a scalable marketing strategy and plan, count marketing expenses;
  • Define business model based on competitors’ research;
  • Translate product and related resources to FR/DE/IT;
  • Build digital analytical architecture around the website to track users, return them, and automate marketing activities; Improve usability of user’s account;
  • Deliver a new product step by step to markets in Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway (or Germany, Italy);
  • Build credibility and awareness.

Digital marketing:

  • Digital advertising. To actively hunt for new customers before competitors reach them, return those who left your service.
  • Email marketing. To warm-up potential customers, interact with current and keep high retention rate.
  • Social Media and Messengers. To keep in touch with customers using channels they prefer to use.
  • Search Engine Optimisation. To get free organic traffic from Google Search and save marketing budget.
  • Bloggers & Partners’ engagement. To build a network and find ambassadors in every European country that has snow. Especial work with influencers.
  • UX and Usability. To increase conversion rate and customer satisfaction.

Offline marketing

  • Reach out to local small business. Develop a base of direct contacts for further activities. Print flyers, brochures, posters, merchandise and distribute them for local businesses who are potential clients.
  • Participate in business fairs & marketplaces. To keep in touch with customers and promote the brand it is important to participate (as an exhibitor with a stand or like a visitor), or to support in other way all most important local and international industry related trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions.