Growth Marketing Case. Digital payment application

About Sonect AG

Our solution, a financial platform (digital payment application) that makes cash withdrawals simpler and more cost efficient, offers a solution to 3 parties:

For users: Our users have the opportunity to withdraw cash via their smartphone at over 2,300 points of sales all over Switzerland. We provide access to cash even in regions where access to cash is difficult.

For Banks: Banks can integrate our solution directly into their mobile banking app and thus offer their customers an additional digital service. At the same time, banks can expand their network of ATMs with us and save costs for the maintenance and operation of their own ATM fleet.

For Shops: Retailers on the other hand use our solution to reduce their cash handling costs, and our app increases the number of walk-in customers in their stores.

Initial Situation 

In recent years we have gained users only via a B2C approach and implemented various measures in direct customer communication. 

As you can imagine, the costs for B2C marketing are considerable especially with the background that we will now expand into new countries in Europe and Mexico. 

This is why we are now increasingly trying to use the communication channels of our partners. We remain a B2C company, but with a smart B2B approach with the goal, to increase the number of users, increase the number of transactions and increase the number of partners.

Time limit: 45min

Task 1. Online marketing for Digital payment application

What are your three ideas to help Sonect implement this marketing strategy? 

Develop your partner’s channel: ask them to make a newsletter dedicated your product with link/QR-code to download app & activate it, within their internal  monthly newsletter.

More difficult: convince your partners to send out a monthly newsletter for their customers with invitation to try your product (something like highly recommend to try our verified partner’s product).

To prolongate the free trial till Aug due to COVID19 force majeure. Bring this message through all your digital channels.

2. Organic growth for Digital payment application

Of course we do not want to grow only through our paid media. How Sonect can grow organically? What are your three ideas to push this growth? 

Work Influencers and ambassadors. In every country, in every language. 

Participate in awards (functionality, design, best startup or fastest and etc.) apply in every country (DE, EN, SP, IT)

In your social media ask your followers mention your company in their post and then give away something and show their account in stories/post.

3. And now action

Choose one of the ideas you suggested above. How would you proceed if you could implement one of these ideas at Sonect

You have a budget of CHF 20’000. Additional Information – In case of ambiguity please make assumptions.

At first, I prolongate the free trial till Aug due to COVID19 force majeure. Bring this message through all digital channels.

I suppose that we do not need to redesign Sonect AG landing page layout. Main priority: get new clients asap. Act like an effective manager: save budget & maximise efforts.

Taisiia Berg.

Copywriter: write this message in all languages (DE, EN, SP, IT) for banner, email newsletter internal + partners, website. Keywords (get before recommendations from Digital Marketing/SEO). Allocate budget according to how are active users there, in countries. Max 10k. Duration 6 month.

Designer – make one banner with this message in different sizes for every social media where you are. + for email newsletter, + website.

Webmaster – place all materials on landing pages with different languages, check usability.

Digital marketer – make a campaign dedicated this message with min budget. Keywords. Search, Display, Mobile + Video if it is possible.

Launch email newsletter for our clients who do not use our app but subscribed to newsletter.

Place info in google play, app store and related websites with info about our app.

Meanwhile to negotiate with partners about internal and external newsletter. Close work with b2b offer & sales.

Launch partner’s internal email newsletter, and external (depends on conditions).