Marketing vision for one of top cord blood banks in Europe

About FamiCord Group

Since 1998 FamiCord Group has been providing high quality services related to collection, preparation and storage of stem cells. Currently  FamiCord Group is the 5th largest bank of cells in the world.

Famicord Group is accredited by American Association of Blood Banks Certificate. This ensures applying to the strictest quality standards established in the US and applicable throughout the world. 

Famicord Group obtained certification of the quality management system ISO 9001:2000 specific to the umbilical cord stem cell collection, storage, and freezing procedures (by Lloyd Register Quality Assurance).

  • Over 311 000 cord blood & tissues units stored to date.
  • 63 cord blood transplantations in Poland, Turkey, USA, Jordan, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Columbia.
  • 10 laboratory facilities in: Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Portugal.
  • Over 2400 patients treated with mesenchymal stem cells.
  • Cooperation with over 1300 hospitals around Europe.

FamiCord in Switzerland. Operations: company owns lab and storage facility in Ticino. FamiCord CH legal body exists in Zurich, but does not have medical license yet. 

Current partner – who did marketing in CH on their own during previous 2 years, but did not research customers. FamiCord has partner in Poland who is able to execute digital marketing strategy in Google and Facebook. 

Customer journey: generate leads → sign contract, before delivery customers pay enrollment fee → get “starter kit” → take it to the hospital → send with logistic company to Ticino lab  → pay annual fees.

Market problem: low awareness, less than 2% of delivering families buy the service.

Target audience: pregnant 25-35y old women. In addition to locals also it is important to target communities of expats in English or their language.

According to research: the biggest market is Portugal (10%, decreased from 15% in the past), also Spain, Italy, Greece. Then Hungary, Romania, Baltic countries 1-2%. Northern Europe and UK – 0.5%.  Compared to: Asia 10%, Singapore 25%, US 5%.

Products (as of August 2019) are:

  • Cord Blood — fully processed in CH;
  • Blood and Tissue — processed in Portugal, stored in FamiCord CH (standard practice);
  • Blood and Tissue with isolated cells — same as above, to be confirmed on 09.08.2019 (an unique offer).

Expected outcomes for 2019/2020

  • Develop awareness and incentivize people to learn more about cord blood bank services
  • Strengthen position in Zurich and Switzerland
  • Learn drivers customers have for decisions and tailor the message to the local customers
  • Create communication strategy and plan, (optionally) help with partial execution 
  • Focus on digital marketing (ca 80%), with limited (20%) offline activities
  • Sales target: 1800 per year is target or ca 150 customers per month
  • A plan is to run a pilot project until June 2020 


  • 31.08/1.09.2019 the first offline event in Dietikon, Zurich;
  • a limited “seed campaign” to be launched in Fb and Google;
  • a full marketing campaign to be started in October 2019.

Activities planned for 2019

  • Customer Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Execution in HADI Sprints
  • Customer Survey (optional)
  • Market Research (optional)
  • End of year review and planning for 2020