Growth Marketing Case. Swiss made secured keyboard

About Typewise App is the Swiss made secured keyboard that drastically reduces typing errors. The app doesn’t require suspicious permissions on your phone and all data stays on your device.

Get rid of annoying typos with Typewise, the keyboard specifically designed for smartphones.70% larger keys than on the outdated typewriter layout reduce typos by over 80%. Simply swipe to delete/restore or tap to modify corrections. Finally type without hassle and frustration.

Free version: EN, DE, SP.

Typewise PRO is a service that costs $1.99 per month or $9.49 per year (prices vary by region). 40+ languages.

App is optimised for iOS 12 or later and for Android 6 (Marshmallow), 7 (Nougat), 8 (Oreo), 9 (Pie) and 10.

Raised 15k CHF on KickstarterProductHunt

Initial Situation 

The task: What marketing campaign would you plan to achieve 10,000 new users without a budget? How would you execute it, and how to measure its success?

Time limit: 1h

Things to fix on website

Before starting any growth marketing activities it is needed to fix some details. The website does not look trustable for users, thus at first is important to solve it by adding more transparency. The founders do not see a main advantage of the product – security of users data, from that point is vitally important to build a marketing strategy.

PR & Social media channels did not connect with the website. There is no obvious form for gathering emails on the website.

Find below growth marketing activities which 100% work. Keep in mind every of them required a hard manual work if you do not want spend money.

1. Think out your customer journey and map out it.

Build a digital analytical architecture to track every user and action on your website. Form a customer’s journey. Understand where you get and lose traffic, fix it.

Connect all media channels with the website. Promotion of the app via social media required a hard work with audience there. Create a content plan for 6 months with different business-related topics and execute it. Interact with your audience everyday, so many times as allowed by Twitter & Facebook.

In Twitter & Facebook there are 1500 users. Find business-related partners’ groups and cross-post your posts there. Do it regularly 2 per month, avoid to repeat the content.

All that brings you traffic and grows your community. 

Measure it in Analytics with goals, UTM, link shorteners, active users of your app, quantity of downloads.

2. Create email newsletter. Develop a Public Relations strategy and media plan

If it is possible extract all emails from all your channels: social, alternative, personal and etc. Implement a special form on your website for gathering emails.

Create a database of emails for your further email newsletter. Use any free newsletter service. Create a content plan for your newsletter for the next 6 months and execute it.

Use free parcers for gathering users’ emails from internet for your database. Use open data or open list of emails from a search.

Form a list of all free or almost free PR resources in EN/DE to promote your news.

Track all changes (active users, open rate, bounce rate, CTA) with usually integrated analytic tools in newsletter service, and UTM, link shorteners + Google analytics.

3. Grow partner network. Participate in Awards & Ratings

Start to build your own partner network.

Think about what related your app business (Startups, SME’s) you may engage. What exactly you may offer them? 

Maybe newsletter amid your users about their products or it could be especial post in your social media dedicated their products.

Participate in all possible awards, ratings in EN/DE, something like “Best design/functionality/quickly growing startup and etc.”

Track all changes (active users, open rate, bounce rate, CTA if it is in newsletter service) with UTM, link shorteners, and Google analytics.

Process for growth marketing activities

Copywriter/Content manager: write content in EN with keywords for newsletter, for social media, partner’s & PR resources. Copy for banners. Translations to DE/SP.

Designer: prepare a banners & place texts there for social media, partner’s & PR resources.

Webmaster: place all materials on website (+ translate to DE), check usability.

Content/SMM manager: set a newsletter (users, who do not use the app but subscribed to newsletter), use texts and banners cross-post in every social media, partner’s & PR resources. Place news in all related websites with info about app.

Negotiate with partners about internal and external newsletter. Close work with b2b offer & sales. Track all as on previous slides.

At the end I’m absolutely sure that one person is able to cover these digital growth marketing roles, me for example, but you need to think about execution time and deserved reward.