The second level of customer funnel. Interest

The last time was about the 1st level of the sales funnel or customer funnel – awareness – how to create it? What content tactics and channels to use? Today we will consider the second level of customer funnel – interest.

Briefly, the sales funnel concept is the same as customer funnel and sales funnel, and the same as the AIDA model: Attention (level 1) –>Interest (level 2) –>Desire (usually I combine it with the previous one) –>Action (level 3).

At level 2 of the sales funnel, your audience has already heard of you and expressed interest in your product/service or brand.

Objective: Directly attract customers.
Tactics: Problem-solving in specific examples.

Here, a potential customer begins to associate you with your solution, product or service.
Therefore, we often keep in touch with people on your phone or save a contact phone number like Justine Hair/Extension /Eyelashes/Botoxes, etc. or Mikhail Mechanic/Windows/Electrician, etc.

Show the interested audience the content that will help them evaluate your services or product. At this stage, we talk directly to people, we think our business can help and make sure they know how we can help them. โ€ผ๏ธโ€ผ๏ธ

Remember that the interested audience may not trust you yet, so do not rush to sell and God forbid to sell by force.
I tell my clients – it makes no sense for me to sell you anything by force and I will not pursue you. I’m not a $1M to be liked by everyone, + I’m sure I can do my marketing really awesome and effective.

๐Ÿคน๐Ÿ•ต If the client decided to think about it, it means that there are circumstances that hold back him from doing with your product or service: budget, competitors, and of course everyone is looking for cheaper price = stuffing bumps and throwing enough money in the wind – then come back – because they still want to get result, and there is no strength and opportunity to waste money again.

In the content, the audience can assess how deeply you understand what you are doing and how to achieve a good result. You just need to help them distinguish you from your competitors.

At this point, people are looking for:

  • Case studies
  • How to create content to showcase your products/services
  • Demonstration videos
  • Product descriptions and specifications/services
  • A great way to show the result of using products/services that solve customer problems.