Why your Ad in Google Ads does not work?

Customers who tried to set up ads in Ads periodically write me (I’m a Google certified marketer in Switzerland), they leaked a budget for a month, but didn’t get sales and disappointed in the channel. They say: the search ads do not work, Google steals money, everything is bad. I request access to their accounts and regularly see typical mistakes. Here they are.

  1. The link in the ad leads to a main page. But rarely the main page of the site sells well. If you have a single page, a landing page is OK. In other cases, refer to the most useful for the user page, which corresponds to the text of the ad (product or service page).
  2. The link in the ad leads to a page that is loading an entire eternity. Especially if the online store (e-shop) sends a smartphone user on a slow Internet to a category page with 100,500 products. The user is waiting, waiting for, freaking out and leaving. Meanwhile, Google has already received $$$ per click.
  3. The site is not optimized for smartphones. Today, 80% of traffic comes from smartphones. Therefore, if your site on smartphones looks crooked, it is better to target ads only for laptop and desktop users and not waste money.
  4. Too small budget and too wide targeting. As a result, you show a bit of advertising to everyone and do not get enough data to determine the effectiveness of advertising. If the budget is $ 5-10 per day, then it is better to limit it to several hours per day, either by people of a certain gender/age or by certain areas/cities.
  5. Geotargeting and languages are ​​not configured. As a result, advertising sees the whole world, but for various reasons, they can not buy. First, advertise to the “home” region and in your language (the language of your site). Then expand the geography, if advertising starts to work.
  6. Too common keywords. Query “pizza” does not mean that the user is ready to order a pizza right now to his home. In addition, general queries are usually more expensive than a special one.
  7. A text of ads does not match the query. The user searched for “pizza margarita with delivery to Schwerzenbach”, and your ad says “Pizzeria in Zurich”. Use dynamic search ads, specify details in the text of ads.
  8. A text of ads does not match the content of the advertised page. Yes, Google does not allow to advertise anything. If you rewrite the ad “Pizza margarita delivery to Schwerzenbach in an hour”, but on the landing page there is no a word “margarita” and “Schwerzenbach” – the advertisement will not be shown or will cost $$$