Checklist for advertising in Google Ads. Part 1

Preparation in our business – that is ALL.
In order not to forget anything when you launching an advertising campaign, below is a list with which you need to check.

  1. A preparatory stage for an advertising campaign.
    ✔️Set Counters on your website Google Analytics and Yandex. Metrics.
    ✔️Set your goals: registration, newsletter subscription, checkout.
    ✔️ Link your Google Ads and Analytics accounts, Direct and Metrics.
    ✔️Set up the downloading of data about costs from Yandex.Direct to Analytics.
    ✔️Check suitable landings for all keys.
    ✔️For an online store set up e-commerce in Analytics.
    ✔️If there are many orders by phone calls, set up the call tracking service.
  2. Semantics selection
    ✔️ Collect the most important high-frequency key phrases.
    ✔️Make a list of medium and low-frequency keys.
    ✔️ Refine negative (minus)words.
    ✔️Separate campaigns into search and advertising.
  3. Setting up an advertising campaign
    ✔️Set up time, language and geo-targeting.
    ✔️Specify the address, phone number and opening hours for your region.
    ✔️Add quick links.
    ✔️Add UTM tags to links
    ✔️Turn on linking for Metrics.
    If necessary, customize:
    ✔️Retargeting in direct and remarketing in Google Ads
    🤓 additional types of targeting in Google Display

About ads and selection of bids and strategy next time 🤓