20 resources for crypto or blockchain project

Somewhere it will cost cosmically expensive, but somewhere almost nothing, but in any case, it will be 100% hit in your audience.

A goal is to attract the attention of users, investors, and awareness.

What you should post for your crypto or blockchain project depends on a resource – somewhere an announcement, a press release, or an analysis, and somewhere only a technical side of the project should be revealed – it is needed just your article will be pushed through this channel.
Ask about publication not only in news but also in blogs, newsletters, other channels.
The most difficult thing is to achieve a primary placement – once got it, they (publishers) will be more willing to take your news.

Mass media resources for crypto or blockchain project

  • Autonomous NEXT – about the future of financial services;
  • Bitcoin Magazine – EN. news, analytics and researches, co-founder of the media – Vitalik Buterin;
  • BitNovosti – RU. Media about everything related to the crypto market;
  • BlockchainDailyDews – Franch media about the blockchain, IoT, quantum computing and artificial intelligence, available by subscription – the interface is inconvenient;
  • CCN – EN. cryptocurrency news;
  • Coindesk – EN. news, analytics, an educational program on blockchain and cryptocurrency;
  • Coinfox – EN + RU. it’s an independent media covering the development of cryptocurrency and adoption of blockchain;
  • Coinspeaker – EN. is about cryptocurrency news and analytics, ICO calendar;
  • CoinTelegraph – EN. is about news, analytics, an educational program for blockchain and cryptocurrency;
  • Crush Crypto – EN. is about ICO analytics;
  • Forbs CryptoConfidential – EN. is about issues of cryptocurrencies;
  • Forklog – RU. a team of enthusiasts who advocate the development of cryptocurrencies and their distribution throughout the world;
  • news.bitcoin.com – EN. all that concerns bitcoin;
  • NewsNow – EN. it’s a news aggregator from around the world;
  • Token Economy – EN. about new developments in the field of distributed ledgers;

Blogs for PR your crypto or blockchain project

  • Blockchannel – EN. about socio-cultural and economic issues on the blockchain topic;
  • blog.oceanprotocol.com – EN. blog of the project Ocean Protocol – difficult to reach an agreement;
  • Chris Burniske – EN. blog of a co-author of the book “Cryptoassetts”
  • Coinfund – about investments in blockchain, researches and comments from CoinFund and contributors;
  • Hacker Noon – about blockchain and cryptocurrencies in simple words and with humor;
  • Multicoin Capital – is Multicoin Capital Investment Fund Blog