How to set up search advertising in Google Ads?

Tab – Campaigns in the toolbar and ➕. In the drop-down list – New campaign.

To start, select type:
Search network: display ads in Google search, Bing, Yahoo;
Display Network: Ads will appear amid the content on sites;
Shopping Campaign: ads contain data about the goods and will appear in Google Shopping;
Video ads on YouTube and CCM;
Universal Campaign: Advertise Apps on Search, on Google Play, YouTube and CCM.

⚠️ Set one goal from:

  • sale;
  • potential clients;
  • website traffic.

If these goals do not fit, then select – Create a campaign without specifying a goal.

On the next page – step 1, come up to the name of the campaign.
✅ In the – Location section, set up geo-targeting. Do not forget, you can exclude the place of display ads.

✅ In – Advanced Search, add – Radius for more coverage of the advertising campaign.
✅ Choose the languages ​​that your clients use in browser settings.
✅ Choose your bidding strategy: manual and automatic. Enter a daily budget that you are willing to spend on advertising every day. Remember, Google can increase the expenditure of funds in 2 times. Calculate the max spending by the formula: daily budget * 30.4 (av. number of days per month). 🤓
Additional settings:

  • Restriction of work of the advertising campaign (for example, a share);
    ✅ ad display time;
    ✅ extra links. So you can show the max number of suggestions for users;
    ✅ extensions;
    ✅ the mobile number and call will be directly from the phone. You need to configure the schedule of the show;
    ✅ product or service description;
    ✅ You can show ads to your audience in a specific city. Choose – People from target locations – and – People in excluded locations or interested in them;
  • tracking template for the effectiveness of search advertising.

After filling out the settings, create ad groups.

✅ Use strategies: 1 ad = 1 group or grouping of keywords (1 group and a few ads). Test and select the best.

An ad consists of:

  • 3 headers; 30 characters
  • 2 descriptions of 90 characters; * site addresses;
  • display link.

✅ Be sure to use the keyword in it!
Extensions (additional links, updates, numbers) can be added from those listed at the campaign level.