10 Free tools for SEO and search advertising

Free tools for SEO and search advertising that will be useful to you.

Google Analytics (web analytics) and Keyword Planner. Selection of keywords for new marketing campaigns. The gold standard.

Consumerbarometer – a cool thing for analyzing audience activity by country is good for entering markets in new countries.

Google Trends. The service shows that they are still super-active searching in the search engine. Good for short-term product launches that are in the wake of demand — do you remember green coffee?

GoogleOptimize. To optimize sites and conduct A / B testing. Must to do.

Bing Keyword Tool. To collect search tips. Collects hundreds of tips for a given keyword. Gives a fresh look from the search engine Bing.

Ubersuggest. It helps boost ranking on Google. You can find out the cost of one keyword.

Answerthepublic – cool design + shows the most frequently asked questions on your keyword and gives a million topics for the blog.

Moz .com /local – shows how easy it is to find your office in the search for competitors. Och important offline stores.

SEO Book keyword tools. Service research for keywords and offers.

Grammarly – to check your English text for advertising/blog/emails for errors.

Paid tools for SEO and search advertising:
SEmRush. One of the most popular keyword search services queries. It contains a set of tools for analyzing competitors. Defines the site position by keywords. BUT you will drive you crazy with your hellishly obsessive selling window.
Ahrefs. Tool for the analysis of the reference mass. Finds data to build marketing strategies, analyzes the sites of competitors.
YouScan. Service for monitoring media and social networks. It will help to monitor the mention of the brand and competitors, customer reviews.
Keywordtool .io. A tool for finding relevant and relevant keywords.
Similar Web Analysis. Analyzes traffic and traffic channel sites. There is a free period