We developed multilingual En/Es/Ru/Fi/Da/Sv website (e-shop from scratch) for Sego Home Fitness, built digital analytical architecture for it and realised digital advertising in Swedish.


🇪🇪An Estonian company SEGO OÜ (Sego Home Fitness) was found in 2013.

The company founder is a construction engineer who has been making sports equipment since 1995. Their inspirer is an experienced coach in athletics, who prepared a dozen champions and record holders for competitions at different levels. His experience and knowledge are priceless in our work. The company has also a specialist in the field of applied kinesiology, rehabilitation treatment, manual therapy, and breathing practices; he is actively involved in the development of new products and consults the clients how to use our equipment


  • Build a new website from scratch for 4 months.
  • Translate the website and content to En/Es/Ru/Fi/Da/Sv.
  • Develop advertising campaigns for Sweden in Swedish in Google Ads, from scratch with a budget 200 CHF for 1 month.
  • Set up Google Analytics, Search console

Results of digital advertising in Swedish

  • Campaign duration: 1 month
  • Channels: Google Ads
  • Budget spent: 150 EUR
  • Total impressions: 9 005
  • Total clicks: 226
  • Average conversion rate: ca 2.51%
  • segohomefitness .com translated to En/Es/Ru/Fi/Da/Sv
  • Advertising campaign in Swedish entirely returned expenses