Product Marketing case for R3PI

About R3PI

Solera is a parent company of R3PI, structured globally into do it right (80%), do it better (18%) and do it different (2%) teams. 

Solera is a global leader in digital technologies that manage and protect life’s most important assets: our cars, homes and identities. Today, Solera processes over 300 million digital transactions annually for approximately 235,000 partners and customers in nearly 90 countries.

R3PI is the 2%. This flexible yet well-defined organisational layout helps R3PI deliver innovative solutions for the present and, more importantly, for the future, without compromise.

The case and task

Local buses operating in towns and cities require a lot of care and maintenance to provide a good service to their customers. It is typical:

  • a bus requires a regular service every 2 months, 
  • a major service every 6 months, 
  • a safety test every 6 months and 
  • 2 times a year replacement of key wear and tear items such as tyres, brakes, filters etc.

Recent research has shown the driver’s behavior can have a major impact on the service & maintenance intervals – good driving can increase service intervals by up to 20%.

  1. Create a set of KPIs that can be used to monitor driver’s behavior
  2. How would you correlate driver’s behavior and bus service interval?
  3. Create a sales pitch for a software application that shows the benefit of driver’s behavior on improving/increasing service intervals

Product Marketing case for R3PI