Marketing channels for ICO or blockchain. Part 2

Find below the second part of Marketing channels to attract investment to ICO or blockchain project. An order is NOT by priority.

🚀21. Active adviser – it should connect the founders with investors.

🚀22. Banner advertising in the media.

🚀23. Telegram hacking – it’s a parsing of the participants of other ICO chat rooms, then write them in a direct message according to earlier developed script and sell the project. At one time it worked, now it is necessary to check.

🚀24. Targeted contextual or search advertising.

🚀25. Advertising in social networks. Twitter & Facebook – they usually block the advertisement, but if you strain, you can get traffic.

🚀26. Newsletter for media or journalists. The main thing is to introduce a project like a business, but not a crypto press-release.

🚀27. CPA networks give shitty traffic.

🚀28. Offline advertising. There was a successful case when for ICO team invested $2.7 million in billboard advertising and collected Hard Cap.

🚀29. Crypto-resource advertising – banner or display ads on the crypto-wallet or exchange website.

🚀30. Viral video or infographics.

🚀31. Sending SMS to mobile phones.

🚀32. LinkedIn Group community.

🚀33. Slack as an internal channel for communication on tasks, IT, smart contracts.

🚀34. Discord is free and better than Skype. You can find data by the geography of users and if the markets coincide with the place of your ICO’s target audience, you can include it.

🚀35. BitcoinTalk.

🚀36. Product webinars.

🚀37. Direct messaging at Telegram. Mailing to the participants of your ICO chat with a proposal for a referral bonus link.

🚀38. Investor and fund pools. Usually, you need to do it manually or by parsing.