Marketing channels for ICO or blockchain. Part 1

20 marketing channels to attract customers and investors to ICO or your crypto or blockchain project.

An order of them is NOT by priority.

🚀1. SMM Marketing
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The idea is community building and heating of leads.

🚀2. Telegram chat
Communicate with your community, in English or in your community language. It’s important at a crowd sale stage.

🚀3. Blog
In Mira, Medium, Steemit. In Russia – VC, Spark. These channels will be useful for a pitch for partners and advisors (if there are no publications in mass media and it will give + for SEO as result higher position in search and more trust of the audience and more inclination to purchase from the audience).

🚀4. Publications in the media
Press releases, sponsored stories create confidence amid the audience to your team and project, which is a determining factor in the ICO and fundraising.

🚀5. Pitch media
It is difficult and long work with blockchain business media (a set of them depends on the specifics of the product).

🚀6. Roadshow
A working business trip in crypto capitals with pitches, meetings with foundations and investors.

🚀7. Conferences
Work with each investor and fund, a task is to gather contacts, present your product. If you do not have enough money just visit them, but it is better to go there with the stand or provide sponsorship.

🚀8. LinkedIn pitch
You look for potential investors, write a pitch about your project with an invitation to meet, and send it prospective investors and customers on LinkedIn. Conversion into meetings 2-3%.

🚀9. Reddit
You need to rock it by personal activity and posts. It is a long process but it worth it. That provides traffic to the website, customers and investors.

🚀10. Quora
67% of venture (not blockchain) startups use it for lead generation for their products.

🚀11. ICO listings
It provides traffic to the website at least 25%. There are dozen of key listings, but the total quantity is near 160.

🚀12. Bounty
It incentives the audience to be active and loyal. There are suspicions that activity has dropped.

🚀13. Airdrop
Everything depends on your specific audience channel: by emails, SMS and the purpose of payment when you transfer the cryptocurrency.

🚀14. E-mail newsletter
Send related your product and the audience needs newsletters. Use your base of clients and e-mail databases from the past ICO (or collected from networks) and purchased one.

🚀15. ICO mailing services. Send out your pitch with a fixed fee.

Working with opinion leaders
🚀 16. YouTube bloggers.

🚀17. Twitter influencers.

🚀18. Telegram channels
Pay attention to on DeCenter, Forklog is low conversion.

🚀19. Text Bloggers
With their websites. Don’t forget to check their website indexing and audience activity.

🚀20. PR on an adviser
The budget goes into buying or attracting cool influencers. It is a bomb and the best scenario: when a person is not from the crypto market, but from IT and this is his first ICO.