Customer retention after customer funnel

Last time it was about the third level of the sales funnel – conversion and purchase when you convinced the client and, Hallelujah, the client bought. Today we will consider what content and actions are needed to retain the client.

And do your clients come back?

Objective: secondary sales (upsell) and ideally to build a long-term relationship.
Tactics: help, support, adaptation, conflict resolution.

Everybody needs customers who are willing to pay. And those who are willing to pay as much as necessary – are so rare clients. Convince a customer who has already bought from you to buy from you again (IF your customer was satisfied with your product) is easier and faster, and most importantly, cheaper than to find a new one.

As soon as you have these customers, your goal is to return and keep them. Content marketing is also part of this process. You need to turn disposable customers into regular customers (and for companies with a subscription model, it is needed to do so that customers continue their subscriptions instead of canceling).

🛒📲 Think out every step.

Prepare the content for Customer retention after customer funnel and provide for actions

  • Customer support (Through which channels? Is the customer satisfied? Told about possible pitfalls?)
  • Reference info (Is there? Is it fast to find on the site or user’s account?)
  • Special offers (Are there? Are they offered at the request of the client or are you trying to pull out all the client’s money?)
  • Examples of product/service usage (Are there, any? Reviews?)
  • Newsletter
  • Efficient UX product.

This list is made not according to priority. For example, for IT projects: UX and special offers will be in the first place, and use-cases of the product play an important role in the pre-sale and upsell stage.

Remind: sales funnel concept is the same as customer funnel and sales funnel and even AIDA model: Attention (level 1) — Interest + Desire (level 2) — Action (level 3). Then, the most important part is the retention of customers.

Next time about customer retention. Solving conflict situations