8 mistakes when you run a campaign in Google Ads, or why your search advertising does not work?

Kindly remind you, I’m a Google certified marketer in Switzerland for all Google Ads products. Customers who tried to set up ads in Google Ads periodically contact me, they leaked a budget for a month, but didn’t get sales and were disappointed in the channel. They say: the search ads do not work, Google steals […]

Sales Funnel, Customer Acquisition, Lead Generation. Common definitions

As you requested, Sales Funnels🤓Customer Acquisition strategy – the process of attracting new customers to your business.The goal of the process is to create a systematic, sustainable strategy that includes new trends and changes. It allows: 💰 to earn money, to cover expenses, to pay employees, to reinvest in growth; Show proof of work to […]

10 digital marketing tools to map out sales funnel

Last time we figured out what a funnel is and what it is for.This time is about process visualization tools. It is not only about the processes of the funnel, but also how to describe the business and other processes. Mindmeister allows you to create maps of processes about anything. If there are many moving […]