Digital advertisement for Swiss Publishing House

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Meet a work – digital advertisement for my previous client – Swiss publishing house – Sandermoen Publishing

Understanding situation

  • Sandermoen Publishing is a subsidiary of Sandermoen Business Management, both Swiss companies located in Zug, Switzerland.
  • Mission: to contribute to lifelong learning by providing quality books about leadership, business, family and relationships.
  • Goals:
    • create advertising campaigns (search & display) for EU in English, German, Russian, including visuals materials;
    • target to countries where the Sandermoen Publishing can deliver books;
    • work without any changes on the website despite google page quality;
    • Start from expat segment and sale as many books as possible.


  • Limited budget: 200 CHF
  • Client’s CMS – Shopify
  • Integrate and set Google Adwords, Analytics, Search Console
Digital marketing for Swiss Publishing House by Taisiia Berg

Digital marketing for Swiss Publishing House by Taisiia Berg

What was done?

At first I integrated Google Analytics into Shopify system by using piece of code, set account, goals, conversions there. Created Adwords account, set it and connected  with Analytics, the same actions with Search Console.

All settings took 18 hours.

At second step I created texts in English for every book  and website in general, and translated it to Russian and developed a visual row for all books with attention to their’s messages. Such way I covered search and display advertisement.

First our locations were CIS (post soviet countries: Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania  etc) region to check an interest to our product. The interest was very high but the client can’t deliver printed books there and were decided to target to only EU.

All took 24 hours.


The results of digital advertisement

A duration of our campaigns was 6 weeks since 27th of May till 9th of July.

  • Sold books 25
  • Was spent 201 CHF

  • Impressions 2 256 385

  • Clicks 1 977

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