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I will help you with advertising of any product, service, application in any area including crypto market, blockchain, fintech and etc. Any type of advertisement (display, search, mobile, shopping, video) & payment model.


Special offer! Valid until 26th of July



for 3 months

  • Setting up advertising in Google Adwords/ Bing/ Facebook/ Instagram
  • 2 product’s categories, 5 ads, 2 languages (Eng, Ger)
  • 50 keywords
  • Start of the campaign taking into account with budget constraint – CHF/week, language, country / territory, time.
  • Launch campaign for 1 week
  • Adjustment of rates (CPC/CPM/CPA)
  • Report and Recommendations
  • *minimal budget for advertising is 200 CHF/month



for 2 week

  • Setting up Google Analytics (GA)
  • Installation of the counter (if you`ve not)
  • Configure goals
  • Integration with Google Adwords, Search Console
  • *additional 200CHF for setting up Enhanced eCommerce



per month

  • Monitoring campaigns (up to 5 categories)
  • Report 1 time per week with recommendations
  • Adjustment of interest rates (CPC/CPA/CPM)
  • Optimization of ad impressions strategy, clicks cost/Ad rotation and / or keywords

Please pay attention:

For each selected language, as a rule, a separate campaign is needed. That is, if you selected German, then I`ll do 1 campaign in German with 3 ads for one product group, choose 50 keywords in German, and as a region choose Germany and its surroundings.

Thus, 3 languages (German, English, Russian) assume 3 campaigns. If we combine all campaigns into one then Google will not show any ads or will show a little bit, but the campaign will not be effective.

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